Rose Petals

February 19, 2012

“A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.”

Oh, man. Leo Buscaglia knows what’s going on with that quote.
I would marry this rose. While making the wreath from the previous post, I put my roommate to work creating what I thought would be a simple origami rose. After about 30 minutes, I glanced her way and my jaw dropped through my floor and to the bottom floor of our building, and possibly to China. She was not playing around; the rose she was creating was pure perfection. I think by seeing this rose of book pages, my senior thesis project came to fruition. I finally saw that I was creating (or, my roommate in this case) beautiful things from the pages of old books.

Book Page Rose


Book Page Roses

  • Materials needed: Hot glue, base (I used cardboard), scissors, patience, book pages
  • Time it took: appx. 45 mins, depending on your determination and OCD
  • Things I learned the hard way: Don’t buy the off-brand burn ointment. You will burn yourself with hot glue trying to glue every single petal onto this rose, it will hurt, and you will want immediate relief. Otherwise, this project went smoothly.

How did I do it?

I cut some pages out for my roommate, showed her this tutorial, and looked back to see a lovely rose beginning to form.

The run down: Cut out rose petals from an aged looking book. They need to be at varying sizes. Ours ranged from .5 inches to about 2 inches in width. Use a cardboard base, and glue the first few petals in a circular and vertical fashion. This one requires just looking at the tutorial and envisioning what a rose is. As you go outward, make the petals less vertical and begin grabbing larger petals. You’ll know when you’re done, because the rose will look full and complete.